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Re: [Commits] Rev 3994: MDEV-5138 Numerous test failures in "mtr --ps --embedded"


Hi, Holyfoot!

On Dec 08, holyfoot@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> ------------------------------------------------------------
> revno: 3994
> revision-id: holyfoot@xxxxxxxxxxxx-20131208143921-3veatgg9wngyzb47
> parent: holyfoot@xxxxxxxxxxxx-20131202104753-srqqm7hv1rtcurx4
> committer: Alexey Botchkov <holyfoot@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
> branch nick: mdev-5138
> timestamp: Sun 2013-12-08 18:39:21 +0400
> message:
>   MDEV-5138 Numerous test failures in "mtr --ps --embedded".
>           Thread can be disconnected internally for example after COMMIT statements.

What do you mean by that?

>           So we should check this for the statement execution.