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Buildbot machines



I discussed both with Dbart and Serg last week about the situation with
buildbot. Kristian and Elena also had similar discussion on IRC today.

To sum it up, there seems to be two aspects to it; 1) more machines, i.e.
slaves could/should be added immediately and 2) some development work
could/should be done on buildbot to support some other ways of building,
like automatically spinning up and down platform specific virtual machines
in a public cloud somewhere whenever they are needed.

I looked into alternatives for the 1) immediate need of more machines and
thought. I found a pretty interesting alternative from OVH.COM, who offers
dedicated servers to a very reasonable price. Here is a good example of
what they can offer:
https://www.ovh.com/us/dedicated-servers/infra/2014-EG-32.xml . I would be
prepared to give it a try. Do you think the specs are good enough to help
with the load buildbot currently has?



Rasmus Johansson, VP Engineering
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