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Re: Buildbot machines


Rasmus Johansson <rasmus@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> To sum it up, there seems to be two aspects to it; 1) more machines, i.e.
> slaves could/should be added immediately and 2) some development work

Right. We have a setup where we can more or less plug in an empty machine with
Linux, Buildbot and KVM, and it will download VMs with rsync as necessary and
start building all the different builds.

> could/should be done on buildbot to support some other ways of building,
> like automatically spinning up and down platform specific virtual machines
> in a public cloud somewhere whenever they are needed.

Last time this option was researched, it was found to be not cost effective.
The reason being that our machines are running such a large percentage of the
time that the cloud offering becomes more expensive than a dedicated machine.

> I looked into alternatives for the 1) immediate need of more machines and
> thought. I found a pretty interesting alternative from OVH.COM, who offers
> dedicated servers to a very reasonable price. Here is a good example of
> what they can offer:
> https://www.ovh.com/us/dedicated-servers/infra/2014-EG-32.xml . I would be
> prepared to give it a try. Do you think the specs are good enough to help
> with the load buildbot currently has?

Those specs seem good for a Buildbot machine to help with the VM build load.

 - Kristian.

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