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Re: mdev6027 RLIKE: "." no longer matching new line (default_regex_flags)


Hi Jan, Sergei,

On 04/23/2014 11:25 AM, Sergei Golubchik wrote:
Hi, Alexander!

On Apr 22, Sergei Golubchik wrote:
On Apr 17, Alexander Barkov wrote:
Hello Serg,

Please review a patch implementing a new system variable
default_regex_flags, to address the remaining incompatibilities
between PCRE and the old regex library.

Ah, something else.
Please, make sure this new variable is documented.

Yeah, I just finished writing a description for Jan :)


Jan, can you please update the manual?

A new system variable default_regexp_flags was added,
to set the default behaviour of the PCRE regex engine.

Scope: global, session.

Affected functions and operators: RLIKE, REGEXP_SUBSTR, REGEXP_REPLACE.

Possible values: any combination of zero or more of the following options, comma separated:


Default value: empty (all options are off).


SET default_regex_flags='';
SET default_regex_flags='DOTALL';

The meaning of the values:

Value       Pattern equivalent  Meaning
---------   ------------------  -------
DOTALL      (?s)                . matches anything including NL
DUPNAMES    (?J)                Allow duplicate names for subpatterns
EXTENDED    (?x)                Ignore white space and # comments
EXTRA (?X) extra features (e.g. error on unknown escape character)
MULTILINE   (?m)                ^ and $ match newlines within data
UNGREEDY    (?U)                Invert greediness of quantifiers

See here for the list of the equivalent PCRE options:


# The default behaviour (multiline match is off)

mysql> SELECT 'a\nb\nc' RLIKE '^b$';
| '(?m)a\nb\nc' RLIKE '^b$' |
|                         0 |

# Enabling the multiline option using the PCRE option syntax:

mysql> SELECT 'a\nb\nc' RLIKE '(?m)^b$';
| 'a\nb\nc' RLIKE '(?m)^b$' |
|                         1 |

# Enabling the miltiline option using default_regex_flags

mysql> SET default_regex_flags='MULTILINE';
mysql> SELECT 'a\nb\nc' RLIKE '^b$';
| 'a\nb\nc' RLIKE '^b$' |
|                     1 |

The goal of the new variable is to simplify writing PCRE patterns,
as well as to have a way to configure the default behaviour of the PCRE
engine in a more compatible way with the old regex engine used in
MariaDB-5.5 and MySQL.

Note, unlike the old regex engine, dot (.) does not match a
new line character in PCRE by default. Those who need a better
compatibility with the old regex engine might consider adding this
command into /etc/my.cnf:



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