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Re: Old autotools cruft in source tree?


Hi, Otto!

On Apr 26, Otto Kekäläinen wrote:
> Hello
> The Debian Lintian QA scanner yields this warning:
> W outdated-autotools-helper-file
> (http://lintian.debian.org/tags/outdated-autotools-helper-file.html)
> extra/jemalloc/config.guess 2012-02-10
> extra/jemalloc/config.sub 2012-02-10
> storage/tokudb/ft-index/third_party/xz-4.999.9beta/build-aux/config.guess
> 2009-04-27
> storage/tokudb/ft-index/third_party/xz-4.999.9beta/build-aux/config.sub
> 2009-04-17
> Are these still needed in MariaDB or is this simply old cruft from old
> autotools time that could be removed?

Used. jemalloc and xz-utils are third-party projects included into MariaDB
source tree. Both use autotools.

In Debian builds bundled jemalloc is not used - we use system jemalloc,
as far as I remember (please, double-check).

But tokudb always uses bundled xz-utils, because it requires
specifically xz-4.999.9beta. Anyway, tokudb doesn't build on ARM64,
so it doesn't matter whether old config.guess supports it or not.