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Re: 10.1 planning


Hi, Kristian!

On Apr 28, Kristian Nielsen wrote:
> >> There is also https://mariadb.atlassian.net/browse/MDEV-4487 
> >> (Replication from 5.6 with enabled GTID) to be considered. It's 
> >> currently Minor and has 10.0.x as a target version, both of which are 
> >> questionable: recently Colin said on IRC that it should be much more 
> >> than a minor FR, and yet I doubt that somebody will get to it in 10.0. 
> >> Maybe it's more realistic to raise the priority but to re-target it for 
> >> 10.1?
> I think Monty had some ideas for doing this, IIRC it was discussed at
> the meeting in Barcelona in January.
> If what I remember is true, it is actually just that a 5.6 master
> refuses to replicate if the slave does not say it is configured for
> MySQL 5.6 GTID. The slave does not need to actually _use_ GTID. So I
> think Monty's plan was for the MariaDB slave to just lie to the master
> and say that it's a 5.6 slave with appropriate config.
> And the MariaDB slave would need to recognise and ignore the new MySQL
> 5.6 events, such as GTID.

Fine. But the question was whether you think it should be a bug
for 10.0.11 or it's big enough to consider it a task to do in 10.1?


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