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Re: MariaDB 10.1 is now on github!


Hi, Andrew!

On May 26, Andrew McDonnell wrote:
> Awesome job!
> I note the last tag is mariadb-10.0.10; just wondering if say I fix a bug or
> make an improvement (in my case, in oqgraph) and make a pull request against
> this repo, what the procedure would be for backporting to 10.0.12 say?

Yes, I have 10.0 and older trees in my local git repository.
The only reason I didn't push them - to avoid pull requests for thees
that we still maintain on launchpad.

So, for 10.0 you still need to do a merge request on launchad or submit
a patch, e.g. attach it to the jira issue.

I hope we'll move other trees soon, but as they're GA, it's safer not to
disrupt them now and polish all the procedures on 10.1 first.

> Would the process be as simple as generating a patch from the relevant
> github changes and then reposting that to the mail list / JIRA issue?
> Would there still be a need to maintain my own branch on bzr?

Yes, I believe it'll work. If you create a branch based on, say, 10.0.10
tag, that should be, basically, a 10.0.10 tree.

Just remember - you commit a fix in your git tree, export it as a patch,
we apply to 10.0, push, release, tag, you pull into your git tree - and
you'll have a merge conflict to resolve. It shouldn't be a big issue

Whether you want a bzr branch on launchpad is up to you. But, indeed, I
don't see what it could be useful for.