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POWER interest



It seems we have a POWER8 box and soon will start doing builds on this platform

Stewart Smith (currently at IBM) seems to be doing some work on MySQL 5.6 and MySQL 5.7 for POWER8 systems - there doesn't seem to be much attention being paid to MariaDB 10. Ideally, our fixes that are being picked up from Stewart or focused on POWER should be targeted at 10.1 I'm thinking (unless there's customer interest for the 10.0 series -- which may very likely be the case)

So far, I've noted GIS precise has an open failure, and maybe its a great idea for Holyfoot to use the POWER8 system to start fixing it:

From MySQL bugs system we see multiple examples from Stewart's blog posts - some are InnoDB specific so we will inherit them during a merge - some aren't like mysql#72715 (character set code endianness dependent on CPU type rather than endianness of CP)
Relevant stuff that we may want to look at:


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