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Java Connector Coding till 5th June


Hi Everyone,

The work done till 5th June:
1.I started studying the connector immediately after my semester exams got
over(5th May).
2. Understood the relationship between different classes.
3.Read the MySql documentation for text protocol and map the commands from
documentation onto code.This thing gave a clear idea about how things are
moving from client to server.
4.Setup the code on Ubuntu using eclipse and tested against database.
Setup the Team branch in launchpad.
5.Debug the test classes to see how different classes are interlinked and
understood that MySQLProtocol.java is the heart of our JDBC driver.
6.Then I started reading Client Server Protocol documentation i.e
ServerSide prepared statement and try to see how and where I have to code
7.Then I saw that there is a class MySqlServerSidePreparedStatement.java,
Initially I coded the prepareStatement() ,close(),and execute() in that
class seperately.
But after (Code review) discussion with Massimo, we donot need to use that
Instead use MySqlPreparedStatement.java to do the same work.So made changes
8.I had pushed some of the code which I have written to launchpad and
discussed with Massimo last week.
9.Last week I was struck with Wireshark on windows and ubuntu both.
I was unable to see the packets going to database and seeing the response.
10.On Monday the problem was resolved as I was using the wrong interface.I
should have used loopback.io( instead on ubuntu(thanks to Georg).
Unfortunately the thing does not work on windows.Tried a lot many times.
11.Now I am working on the execute method of client server protocol as I am
getting exception while using that method.Wireshark is playing a great role
in how the packets are flowing.

>From now I will do weekly blogging and keep everyone updated.

Thanks & Regards

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