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Re: Java Connector Coding till 5th June


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Hi Puneet,

> 7.Then I saw that there is a class MySqlServerSidePreparedStatement.java,
> Initially I coded the prepareStatement() ,close(),and execute() in that class
> seperately.
> But after (Code review) discussion with Massimo, we donot need to use that
> class.

I'm curious. What were the  arguments for not using this class? That class MySqlServerSidePreparedStatement.java was created for exactly the purpose of implementing server-side prepared statements (user could choose implementation based on parameter, e.g userServerPrepStmts like in Connector/J).

If the idea is that people do not need client-side prepared statements, and server-side the only correct way to go, this is,  based on my experience, incorrect.  Often, people would want parametrized statements without the overhead of P_S (prepare, execute, close).

> Instead use MySqlPreparedStatement.java to do the same work.So made
> changes accordingly.

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