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Re: [GSoC] Optimize mysql-test-runs - Setback


Hi Pablo,

On 17.06.2014 12:16, Pablo Estrada wrote:

Questions to consider:

    - Should we define precisely what the implementation should look like,
    so that I can code the core, wrapper, etc? Or should I focus on finishing
    the experiments and the 'research' first?

I suggest to focus on finishing the research, unless Sergei prefers otherwise. The structure is a nuisance, but not a critical one; if you happen to have time at the end of the project, you can modify it, otherwise we will do it later.

    - I believe the logic to compare branch names should be good enough, but
    if you consider that it should be 100% fixed, I can do that. What do you

Lets make a TODO note about it and postpone it till later. It shouldn't affect the research part, but we will probably need to fix it before we start using the script.