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Re: INET6, data type plugins


On Tue, Jul 01, 2014 at 05:07:36PM +0400, Alexander Barkov wrote:
>   Hello all,
> I have mostly implemented the server side part of the fixed length
> 16-byte INET6 data type (only some clean-ups left).
> MDEV-274 The data type for IPv6/IPv4 addresses in MariaDB
> https://mariadb.atlassian.net/browse/MDEV-274
If we're going to start a new API, it's better to have at least some 
documentation. Ability to provide clear documentation is correlated with
the feature having good design.

Could you add some comments explaining what these classes do:
- class Field_type_joiner
- class Type_handler
- class Type_handler_register

- How do I get the IPv6 address in binary form? HEX(inet6_field) seems to
return hex of the string form.
 When I try to compile, I get a lot of warnings like this:
sql/field.h:3090:7: warning: ‘class Type_handler’ has virtual functions 
and accessible non-virtual destructor..

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