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Re: [GSoC] Optimize mysql-test-runs - Results of new strategy


Hi Pablo,

On 21.07.2014 19:28, Pablo Estrada wrote:

So having said that, I am looking for some advice in the following regards:

    - I will also spend some time keeping a codebase that adjusts better to
    the model that we need for the implementation. I will upload code soon. All
    suggestions are welcome.

It's hard to make suggestions without seeing what you currently have, please let me know when you have pushed the code.

    - Nonetheless, I feel that more data would allow to improve the
    algorithm greatly. Is it possible to prepare logging into the buildbot that
    would allow for more precise data collection? A slower, more iterative
    process, working closer with the buildbot and doing more detailed data
    collection might deliver better results. (I understand that this would
    probably influence the time-scope of the project)

Could you please explain what you mean by logging into buildbot (and by more precise data collection via it)? How exactly you are planning to work with buildbot interactively? In the part that concerns our task, buildbot picks up a push, gets it compiled and runs MTR with certain predefined parameters. There isn't really much room for interaction. Possibly I totally misunderstand your question, so please elaborate on it.

What I can do (it also concerns your previous comment about the non-continuous data) is upload a fresh data dump for you; hopefully it will have [almost] all matching logs, so you'll get a consistent chunk of test runs to experiment with.


Let me know what you think about my suggestions.

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