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Re: [GSoC] Optimize mysql-test-runs - Results of new strategy


Hi Elena,

It's hard to make suggestions without seeing what you currently have,
> please let me know when you have pushed the code.

I just finished cleaning up the code with the new implementation, but in
any case, the strategy is exactly the same. I have been looking for advice
with the strategy.

In any case, I just uploaded the new code:
But the strategy of using file correlation is still the same.

Could you please explain what you mean by logging into buildbot (and by
>> more precise data collection via it)? How exactly you are planning to work
>> with buildbot interactively? In the part that concerns our task, buildbot
>> picks up a push, gets it compiled and runs MTR with certain predefined
>> parameters. There isn't really much room for interaction. Possibly I
>> totally misunderstand your question, so please elaborate on it.
> What I can do (it also concerns your previous comment about the
> non-continuous data) is upload a fresh data dump for you; hopefully it will
> have [almost] all matching logs, so you'll get a consistent chunk of test
> runs to experiment with.

I mean adding some code that does logging of extra information such as
which tests were run on each test_run. This would be the main thing.
I understand that the logfiles that you sent me contain this information,
but storing them is not scalable, and even with a fresh dump, I'm not sure
there would be a continuous set of data. I made a small script that
analyzes the matches of the files with the dump from the database, and
their matching is quite random.
Towards the end there is more matching, but it still is quite random, and
it doesn't seem to have consistent matching for too long:


If you observe, close to the end, there is already a continuous set of 20
skipped test runs:

> 148484: - kvm-bintar-centos5-x86_1066-log-test-stdio
> Skip 20
> 148485: - winx64-packages_3203-log-test-stdio

So, what I had suggested was to log more data about each test run e.g.
mainly, which tests ran, but as much information as possible.

For now, yes, if you'd be so kind, please upload a fresh dump of the
database : )


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