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Any plans about starting to use /var/lib/mariadb for data instead of /var/lib/mysql?



Does the MariaDB project have any plans about switching the data dir
to /var/lib/mariadb in some release?

In Debian there has been discussion about separating the
binary-incompatible MySQL forks into separate /var/lib/<fork> to ease
maintenance and secure data so that purging some packages will not
accidentally delete data that another package uses.

The thread is named "Discussion on handling 5.6 related matters" and
available at http://lists.alioth.debian.org/pipermail/pkg-mysql-maint/2014-July/thread.html

I'd appreciate any guidelines here on what the upstream plans are.

The Debian MySQL/MariaDB packaging team willl have an IRC meeting
tomorrow at 16:00 UTC and I need to express my opinion on the mattes
and what kind of changes I'm willing to do to the MariaDB package.
Obviously I'd like to follow upstream as much as possible to keep the
delta between Debian and upstream small and thus the maintenance
burden reasonable.

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