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Cross-compiling MariaDB galera cluster


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Dear MariaDB community,

  Recently I've been trying to cross-compile MariaDB and I've been
running in some problems. I'd like to have your opinion on them.

1) Determining stack direction
2) Building Percona XtraDB
3) Building jemalloc

Let me first tell that I'm trying to build MariaDB galera version
10.0.12. I'm compiling for Arm but may be compiling for something else
in the unpredictable future.

1) Determining stack direction

I started by passing the following options to cmake (via the buildroot


The first problem I ran into was cmake complaining:

STACK_DIRECTION is not defined.  Please specify -DSTACK_DIRECTION=1
or -DSTACK_DIRECTION=-1 when calling cmake.

It seems that STACK_DIRECTION is not automatically determined when
cross-compiling. I may determine the correct value for a given target.
But if I need a portable solution (and I need one in order to create a
buildroot package so that I can build for many different target
without too much hassle) I'm not sure what my options are. It seems
that the toolchain is aware of this value since stack direction (or
more precisely STACK_GROWS_DOWNWARD) is set in
Maybe there is a way to use this somehow? What do you think?

2) Building Percona XtraDB

For the sake of trying I explicitly set -DSTACK_DIRECTION=1 just to
see what happens. Building goes on until it reaches the xtradb module.
Then it fails with:

CMake Error at storage/xtradb/CMakeLists.txt:434 (MESSAGE):
  Percona XtraDB is not supported on this platform

(Here I'll just copy-paste something I wrote on maria-discuss list a
few days ago)

This error is triggered in storage/xtradb/CMakeLists.txt when XTRADB_OK
is not set; it seems to me that XTRADB_OK is set in either one of the
following cases:

a) CMAKE_CROSSCOMPILING is NOT set and some tests are successful (thus


b) We're compiling for MSVC or CMAKE_SYSTEM_NAME is "SunOS" and some
other conditions are met.

Since I'm not compiling for MSVC or SunOS and I'm crosscompiling
indeed, XTRADB_OK is not set and the error is triggered. Here I'm
stuck. I've got the feeling that as such one cannot cross-compile
xtradb because XTRADB_OK will never be set; or maybe with proper
options passed to cmake the tests would be made elsewhere and
HAVE_IB_GCC_ATOMIC_BUILTINS would be set beforehand? Or maybe I should
patch this CMakeLists.txt? Or maybe I should just compile without
xtradb altogether, if that's possible?

Finally I just passed -DXTRADB_OK just to see what would happen, again
(obviously there is little chance that it would result in anything
usable). And reached problem #3:

3) Building jemalloc

This one fails at configure time with:

checking whether we are cross compiling... configure: error: in
configure: error: cannot run C compiled programs.
If you meant to cross compile, use `--host'.

Somehow I was expecting that having passed -DCMAKE_CROSSCOMPILING=1
and the host being set by buildroot it would propagate down to the
modules... Am I missing something?

At this point I'm out of dirty hacks, even to "see what happens" ;)


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Sylvain Raybaud
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