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Total breakdown of development procedures :-(


Today, I learned that a large change (the galera merge) has been pushed into
10.1 on August 27. At that point, there was not a _single_ builder in buildbot
that was green!

As a result, we now have an extremely serious regression in the server caused
by this push, easily seen in the testsuite.

This is a disaster!

Someone (or more likely everyone) have forgotten the basic rules, rules that
have been in place since the beginning of MariaDB, and which are essential to
ensuring the necessary quality of a product used in production-critical
environments every day:

 - No pushes into a tree with known test failures in Buildbot.

 - No pushes of larger changes without first seeing them green in Buildbot in
   a feature tree.

 - No pushes without review.

 - No pushes of new features that are not of beta quality. Must be feature
   complete, must have passed tests and review, must have documentation ready.

I have asked Jan to revert the Galera merge until it can be tested green in
Buildbot and passed RQG replication tests by Elena. But the problem here is
clearly larger than any single patch. Things have degenerated far beyond what
is even remotely acceptable. We need to step back and start following the
rules to the letter to recover from this.

 - Kristian.