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Is it soon 'end of this year'?


Around ½ year ago I discussed with some people here (Sergei G and/or Georg
and/or Wlad) about support for Oracle-style plugins in the MariaDB C-API.
The plugins include

1 Windows authentication plugin
2) Clear text plugin.

At that time I was told that it could be considered 'by end end of this

1) Windows authentication plugin. Not very important, but Sergei told that
he had been playing wiht it and it could probably be done in ~1 day.

2) This is used by Oracle for setting up LDAP.authentication.  I am very
well aware that there is criticism of Oracle's implementation.  But this
does not change the fact hat people use it with servers from Oracle and
expect clients to work with it. We get request(s) for it almost every week.
So this is most important (for us).

Any chance that those can soon be prioritized?

(if you feel your self mis-quoted then I apologize)..

-- Peter

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