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Re: Is it soon 'end of this year'?


Hi, Peter!

On Sep 17, Peter Laursen wrote:
> Around ½ year ago I discussed with some people here (Sergei G and/or Georg
> and/or Wlad) about support for Oracle-style plugins in the MariaDB C-API.
> The plugins include
> 1 Windows authentication plugin
> 2) Clear text plugin.
> At that time I was told that it could be considered 'by end end of this
> year'.
> 1) Windows authentication plugin. Not very important, but Sergei told that
> he had been playing wiht it and it could probably be done in ~1 day.

Yes. Unfortunately because of "not very important" part it gets
postponed over and over.

> 2) This is used by Oracle for setting up LDAP.authentication.  I am very
> well aware that there is criticism of Oracle's implementation.  But this
> does not change the fact hat people use it with servers from Oracle and
> expect clients to work with it. We get request(s) for it almost every week.
> So this is most important (for us).

What about clear text plugin? It is in 5.5 and in 10.0 and, as far as I
remember, always was there. Do you mean it doesn't work for you for some


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