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Re: add a rotate event at begin of relay log make greate help


raolonghui <nanyi607rao@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

> It indeed would put a rotate event i suggested at relay log head, but not always. if
> forcely insert a rotate event at relay log head,there would be a redundancy rotate
> event, which i think not a serious problem though.

Probably not, or if we really want, it should not be hard to only insert the
extra rotate event when it is needed.

> i can use xid event to detect a partial transaction, but how to detect a partial event without
> event checksum, because event checksum only contained in Mariadb 5.5+ and MySQL 5.6+

Partial event should be easy to detect, it will just be that you see
end-of-file on the relay log file before the event is fully read.

 - Kristian.