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Re: ccache with mariadb?


Hi, Otto!

On Dec 28, Otto Kekäläinen wrote:
> The time saving is huge. My full git-buildpackage run went down from
> 25-33 minutes to about 4 minutes.
> By the way, why does not the buildbot infrastructure use ccache? It
> could have a common nfs mounted /var/ccache directory that all the
> builds share that could presists from build-to-build? Most of the
> commits just touch a few files so ccache would be able to save lots of
> compilation time as only the changed files would be compiled.

Because nobody implemented that. And, I suspect, that's because
compiling is the fastest step in buildbot already.

Downloading the sources (from buildmaster to buildslaves) and uploading
packages (back to buildmaster) used to be the slowest step (1-2 hours
was not uncommon, 3 hours was possible). Testing usually takes about
half an hour. Compiling with its mere 15 minutes is simply not worth

I've recently fixed the downloading step - it wasn't network at all,
something was wrong on twisted or buildbot level.

Now I need to fix uploading.

Then testing will be next in line - we already have a solution for that,
GSoC project of this year, implemented by Pablo Estrada with Elena being
the mentor.

And only when testing will be taking ~5 minutes (ok, below 10), then one
can start thinking about optimizing the build. Otherwise that won't make
any noticeable difference to the buildbot throughput.