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Re: Buildbot slow upload


Hi, Kristian!

On Jan 13, Kristian Nielsen wrote:
> Hi Serg, Daniel,
> Some time ago there was discussion of slow Buildbot upload speed
> (sorry, don't have the original mail thread to reply to). I found some
> new information on this.
> Turns out the real problem was that hasky:/media/backup/archive/pack
> was full.  And apparently, the error handling in Buildbot upload step
> is broken, so the error is not caught properly but just causes the
> upload to hang.


> With respect to slow uploads, while trying various things, one thing I
> did was increase the upload blocksize in Buildbot config. Now I see
> tarbake upload (50MB) taking just 1 minute, which seems fair (probably
> it can be more if the network or buildbot is busy).
> So I'm wondering if the slow upload that was seen was in fact a
> combination of too low default blocksize, and uploads occasionally
> getting _completely_ stuck?

No, I was fixing only downloads, they were never stuck, just slow.
Perhaps because of too small blocksize, indeed.

> It's of course still fine to move to using rsync, as Serg proposed
> earlier; just wanted to mention what I found.

Right, the benefit of rsync - the tarball is downloaded only once per
build host, not once per VM.