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Re: Renaming Virtual Columns to Computed Columns


On 01/19/2015 03:50 PM, Peter Laursen wrote:
1) As regards terminology, IMHO it would be logical if 'computed' is used as the "upperlevel" term. "sublevel' terms would be 'virtual' and 'persistent' (ie. a 'computed' column may be either 'virtual' or 'persistent').

Yes, that's right.

2) It is not clear to me if this also proposes a change to DDL syntax used since MariaDB 5.2 or if it is only a discussion for docs. etc.??

No, the syntax would remain the same.

3) Oracle has published a MySQL 5.7 'labs' build with a similar feature. It would be nice if some coordination could happen! :-)

Thanks, wasn't aware of this. MySQL seems to be referring to these as "generated columns" at the moment, which is also a good term, perhaps even better, as it's already part of the MariaDB syntax.