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Re: Simplify and stabilize build tests in downstream distributions?


Hi Otto,

On 04.02.2015 7:29, Otto Kekäläinen wrote:
Hello Elena,

I asked you on IRC in December about if the mtr run, as it is now
called from debian/rules, is optimal and sensible for in-distro build
time testing?

Canonical staff did these changes to MySQL 5.6, do you think we should
follow suite?

I remember that discussion, although somewhat vaguely. I believe we agreed back then that there is no point in doing something just because somebody else has done it, and that if the current way works okay for you, I don't see a compelling reason to do it differently. Has anything changed since then?

Of course, I might be wrong, maybe other people on the list have some input on the subject.


- see only line 142

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