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Re: auth_socket/unix_socket auth plugin naming incompatibility with Percona Server


Hi, John!

On Feb 19, John Leach wrote:
> On Percona I am indeed explicitly loading this in the config file
> using:
> plugin-load=auth_socket.so
> If I use this same config line in MariaDB, that is enough to get
> unix_socket registered.
> So the problem is only that the symbol differs between projects for
> the same plugin.
> Is that something it's worth filing a bug about? Is the aim for
> Percona/MariaDB to be compatible where possible?

Yes, I suppose so. I cannot say who will fix it, though, we or Percona.

Generally we avoid having plugin type in the plugin name. XtraDB isn't
called "engine_xtradb". One simply writes

  create table ... engine=xtradb


  create table ... engine=engine_xtradb

Similarly, authentication plugin names describe authentication method
only, for example:

  create user ... identified via pam
  create user ... identified via unix_socket

and so on.

> > A plugin can not have two names, but technically it's possible to have
> > two plugins in the same .so file, they could share all the code and only
> > differ in names.


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