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Enabling feedback pluging for MariaDB 10.1.4



We had originally planned to enable the feedback plugin by default for
the Alpha and Beta stages of MariaDB 10.1, but we forgot to do this
for the alpha so I suggested Sergei today that we should enable it for
the beta period of MariaDB 10.0

We agreed that before doing this we would have a discussion on the
maria developer list to explain why we would like to do this.

The reason we would like to enable it is to get information about
which features people are testing and using in MariaDB 10.1, so that
we can concentrate our testing and bug fixing during the beta phase
for those areas that people are actually using.  This would help our
development work a lot and would also help us to plan for MariaDB 10.2

Anyone will be able to disable the feedback plugin by adding:
to their my.cnf file.

In MariaDB 10.1 gamma/release we would make it default OFF again.

We will of course inform everyone about this change, including how to
disable the feedback, in the MariaDB changelog and release notes.

We do of course hope that as many as possible will have it on, even
after gamma, to help us with our development work!

Information about the MariaDB feedback plugin and the statistics it
provides can be found at:

As most MariaDB users should know, the feedback is totally anonymous
and no private or sensitive information is being sent.

Any comments, suggestions or recommendations?

Michael Widenius
Creator of MySQL and MariaDB

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