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Re: rpl test with gtid as default


Jonas Oreland <jonaso@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> what do you think ?


It's nice that a number of tests pass by default with GTID.

You used MASTER_USE_GTID=current_pos. This means that both replicated
transactions and direct transactions on the server contribute to the GTID
position. But for old-style replication, only replicated transactions update
the position. So perhaps MASTER_USE_GTID=slave_pos should be the default? I
would guess that this would cause even more tests to pass directly.

It would also be possible to add an extra variant/combination (to run
replication tests both with and without GTID). We really need this for the
checksum feature as well. But I suppose it's also a question of test
resources, replication tests already take a long time...

I guess one would need to analyse the test failures before implementing this?
A test that is ignored when it fails isn't much of a test?

 - Kristian.