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Re: [Maria-discuss] Enabling feedback pluging for MariaDB 10.1.4


Hi Monty.
1) As a working DBA, I use every single feature of the database that I am confident is solid.So I care about the entire feature set.

But if you want to create a set of surveys for what to maintain the most heavily, and whatto add as new features, that would make sense. People have the choice of participating or not.
2) Brian Aker jokes that the roadmap he wrote a decade ago is the last one. Maybe it's timeto write a new roadmap. Who is the right person to do that?

3) If you want to "phone home", then I suggest you first ask the users who are sensitive to that,who may not be on this list. (It sounds like bad timing with regards to current affairs to do it.)

I remember that there were loud complaints when a Perl CPAN module tried that a decade ago.

ISC mktg. proposed phoning home with BIND, but not sure what the result was (BIND is installedeverywhere, but ISC has no numbers to tell sponsors, etc.) Thanks, James Briggs.

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It tells you how much a sample used and you don't know what fraction of the total that represents, or if their usage is representative of the larger base.  I maintain they are not meaningful but you can feel free to disagree.

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> On Mar 10, 2015, at 7:42 PM, Michael Widenius <michael.widenius@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi!
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>> I agree with Kristian.  Given the way it works, the statistics are really meaningless and I feel you shouldn't drive important choices based on bad statistics.
> From a statistics point of view, the automatic feedback will tell us a
> lot about how people use MariaDB and is far from meaningless!
> (We only need a small statistical sample to know how the majority is
> using the server).
> The most important things for our developers, that the phone home
> feature will tell us, are probably:
> - Features that are used (and how much they are used)
> - Features that not used.
> - Combinations of features used.
> - The stability of the servers.
> - How often upgrades are done
> This will allow us to better concentrate the few development resources
> on features that are important to our users.
> In the past, our main problem for allocating resources has always been
> "does anyone really use or care about this".  Now we finally will get
> some information to make these kind of decisions easier.
> Regards,
> Monty

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