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MDEV-6714: A couple of questions


Hi Sergei,

I've achieved the desired performance speedup related to MDEV-6714. You can
check the preliminary patch on the commits mailing-list. I'll clean up the
code and then submit a final version for review. I do however have two

* By using SHOW TABLES LIKE %s, we performed a case insensitive search to
find the table's correct name case. This command takes a long time with a
lot of tables. Using an equality operator in I_D speeds it up, but it no
longer matches if we have a different case.

Possible solution: Try to search for the table with the provided string via
INFORMATION_SCHEMA using the equals operator. If we can not find the table,
fall back to a case insensitive search that takes longer.

* The I_S.triggers and I_S.tables are available since 5.5 and 5.1
respectively. I suppose it is safe to assume we will have these tables
available when running mysqldump. I can code all the changes to fall back
to the previous query if the one that uses I_S tables fails.


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