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In daemon plugin, THD problem.


Hi, Sergei! 


I'm writing daemon plugin . I hava a problem and don't find soultion


There is my code as below.




pthread_handler_t monm_monitor(void *p)



     THD* thd;
      thd = new THD;
      thd->thread_stack= (char*) &thd;


     tables.init_one_table("performance_schema", 18,
"events_statements_current", 25, "events_statements_current", TL_READ);
     open_and_lock_tables(thd, &tables, FALSE,




static int monm_plugin_init(void *p __attribute__ ((unused))) 



 pthread_create(&mon_thread, &attr, monm_monitor,(void *) ctx)!= 0)




In monm_monitor function, 

THD* thd    cause server crash. so  I examined coredump. 

#6  0x0000000000598752 in THD::THD (this=0x7f9b64000930,
is_wsrep_applier=false) at


I don't know the reason of crash. 

What I just want to is read events_statements_current's row by using
internal interface in a daemon plugin. 

Is there a another way ? 

let me know the solution.












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