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Re: In daemon plugin, THD problem.


Hi, 김경남!

On Mar 26, 김경남 wrote:
> Hi, Sergei! 
> I'm writing daemon plugin . I hava a problem and don't find soultion
> yet.
> In monm_monitor function, 
> THD* thd    cause server crash. so  I examined coredump. 
> #6  0x0000000000598752 in THD::THD (this=0x7f9b64000930, is_wsrep_applier=false) at
> /home/windfree/workspace/ws-mariadb/maria-mon/sql/sql_class.cc:1015
> I don't know the reason of crash. 

Neither do I. What MariaDB version do you use? 10.1.2? 10.1.3?
I don't see how it could've crashed on that line.

Please, show the complete stack trace ('bt' command) and lines around