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Re: Passwordless MariaDB root login with auth_socket in Debian continues..


2015-03-14 20:48 GMT+02:00 Otto Kekäläinen <otto@xxxxxxxxx>:
> The mariadb-10.0.17-exp1 at the moment in Debian experimental is
> broken due to inclusion of an early version of this change, so I hope
> we could get it completed soon so that I don't have to revert the
> whole passwordless root account feature (which has been requested by
> many).

I started to look that we are going to have to wait for a long time
for the new mysql-common version to be provided by the new MySQL
package in Debian experimental, so I now changed the MariaDB packaging
so that it takes care of generating its own symlink fully
automatically, and it seems that was the only issue with the packaging
at the moment, so now it works.

Latest version is built and available now at the 'deb
http://labs.seravo.fi/~otto/mariadb-repo/ mariadb-10.0-sid-amd64/'

Daniel Black: does the below look OK to you?

MariaDB [mysql]> select host,user,password,plugin from user;
| host      | user | password | plugin      |
| localhost | root |          | unix_socket |
| | root |          |             |
| ::1       | root |          |             |

The syslog has a complaint about there being two root accounts that
are both passwordless and pluginless.

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