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Re: MariaDB / Galera BUG


Hi Andy!

On Fri, Apr 24, 2015 at 3:27 PM, Andrew W Elble <aweits@xxxxxxx> wrote:

> Nirbhay,
>   I'm going to have a number of patches/suggestions from chasing
>  this. Hopefully I'll have them in a consumable fashion soon.
>  Is it preferred to send them all to the list?

Great! Will it be possible for you to create a pull request?

> This is a rough summary of what we've found so far:
> 1.) MDEV-6924: either:
>                fix because CTAS uses THD::STMT_QUERY_TYPE
>                alternatively: Query_log_event::Query_log_event()
>                    flips the setting of "direct" when binlog is not row/
>                    picks inapproriate setting of use_cache

I have pushed a related fix recently in 5.5-galera (to be upmerged to
higher versions).


Perhaps, you can take a look to see if it does not conflict with your

> 1a.) Revert patch for MDEV-7673, as it apparently can cause a crash
>      with WSREP: FSM: no such a transition REPLICATING -> REPLICATING
> 2.) select_insert::send_eof() will call my_ok() when called from
>     select_create::send_eof() even if abort_result_set() is going to
>     be called. Rectify for CTAS case.
> 3.) wsrep_applier thread tends to spin and try to apply the same
>     transaction multiple times to cluster failure even though the
>     selected victim thread is slowly trying to abort.
>     a.) increase timeout if a victim has been selected
>     b.) don't downcall from wsrep_abort_thd if victim is already
>         aborting
> 4.) select_create::send_eof() sets exit_done before seeing if galera
>     is going to call abort_result_set(), which can lead to unexpected
>     tables being present + cluster failure as result.
> 5.) handle_select() resets thd->killed() even when thread was a victim
>     thread, causing crash.
> 6.) cherry-picking upstream commit cc3d09bc8d5a78abc064d289045b20363aab9d28
>     (I believe you're already aware of this one seeing as how your
>     name is on it)

Is this correct? Which repo/branch are you referring to?

 $ git branch --contains cc3d09bc8d5a78abc064d289045b20363aab9d28
error: no such commit cc3d09bc8d5a78abc064d289045b20363aab9d28


-- Nirbhay

> Thanks,
> Andy
> --
> Andrew W. Elble
> aweits@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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> Rochester Institute of Technology
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