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Re: [Commits] b2db8e8: MDEV-7949: Item_field::used_tables() takes 0.29% in OLTP RO


> Virtual function can't be inlined (AFAIK). That was original request, but it
> require too much changes for 10.1

> I am not sure that it is _so_ clever with virtual functions even if knows
> basic type because of possible inheritance and re-implementinmg (also can be
> checked by compiler, but again I am not sure)

Recent GCC versions have a devirtualization pass, followed by inlining:

Attempt to convert calls to virtual functions to direct calls. This is
done both within a procedure and interprocedurally as part of indirect
inlining (-findirect-inlining) and interprocedural constant
propagation (-fipa-cp). Enabled at levels -O2, -O3, -Os.

I don't know whether it helps here or not.