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Re: Features Wish-list in MariaDB 10.1.


So my opinion on these below two points was requested, let's keep it on the
public mailing list:

>  * Crash-Safe replication with filename and position (not depending on
>    GTIDs)
>    Something similar as what is described in the following link would
>    be good:
>    http://blog.booking.com/better_crash_safe_replication_for_mysql.html
>  * Have a way to avoid "SELECT binlog_gtid_pos" when a slave connect to
>    the master in MASTER_USE_GTID = no

So my personal opinion on this is that I prefer to focus on improving the
MariaDB GTID implementation. Considerable effort was invested into this, and
the idea is that future development will focus on GTID mode, keeping
non-GTID mode only as a backward compatibility. Significant effort was made
to ensure that MariaDB GTID is usable for all existing use-cases of

For the first point, GTID replication is already crash-safe.

For the second point, for GTID we in any case need a solution for locating
GTID position quickly, otherwise GTID replication can have performance
problems in case of frequent slave connects (and Jonas Oreland has promised
a patch for this any day now ;-). And once this solution is in, the second
point should be moot anyway.

Of course, others may have a different opinion. For the second case, I
suppose the easiest thing is just to remove the code that does SELECT
binlog_gtid_pos() from the slave, if no-one cares about that functionality

Hope this helps,

 - Kristian.

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