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Re: [Commits] 9bb9bde: MDEV-6236 - [PATCH] mysql_tzinfo_to_sql may produce invalid SQL


Hi, Sergey!

On Jun 03, svoj@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> revision-id: 9bb9bde42dbf6f936faadeaa34cde838bf6b63dd
> parent(s): 54977bee6705b9f3ebe2e534245defdb18ac31be
> committer: Sergey Vojtovich
> branch nick: mariadb
> timestamp: 2015-06-03 14:30:09 +0400
> message:
> MDEV-6236 - [PATCH] mysql_tzinfo_to_sql may produce invalid SQL
> Factory timezone is supposed "For companies who don't want to put time
> zone specification in their installation procedures. When users run
> date, they'll get the message. Also useful for the "comp.sources"
> version."
> This "message" is exposed as timezone abbreviation, which is supposed
> to be short and thus may cause generated INSERT statements to fail.
> Do not attempt to load Factory timezone.

Are you usure Factory is the only one with a message instead of a

Perhaps it'd be safer to filter out all timezones with extra-long


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