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Re: 9bb9bde: MDEV-6236 - [PATCH] mysql_tzinfo_to_sql may produce invalid SQL


Hi, Sergey!

On Jun 03, Sergey Vojtovich wrote:
> Hi Sergei,
> speaking of IANA time zone database, there seem to be no other long
> abbreviations:
> But as we can see TZ if permits abbreviations longer than 8 characters (while
> MariaDB/MySQL doesn't). In theory if we just filter out such time zones, we
> may miss very valid ones added in future (e.g. there're references to Mars
> time which they hope will be added some day).
> There're many solutions to this problem (in my preference order):
> - filter out Factory time zone (1-st because simple)
> - increase Abbreviation size in time_zone_transition_type (2-nd because
>   this is incompatible change)
> - filter out time zones with long abbreviations (suggested in MDEV-6236)
> - filter out time zones with abbreviation == "Local time zone must be set..."
>   (the MySQL way of fixing things) :)
> So I'd prefer to error out and fix every individual occurence instead of
> silently ignoring them. Please confirm you still don't like this proposed
> solution.

I don't like the 2nd and 3rd solutions (2nd - incompatible for no good
reason, 3rd - I want to know when a timezone with long abbreviation
appears, there must be a warning, it shouldn't be silently ignored).

The 4th approach seems preferrable, assuming that one can create another
timezone for himself (or the organization) that would also have "Local
time zone must be set...",

But if nobody's doing that (which, I believe, is very close to the truth :),
we can stay with your simple fix.