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Re: MariaDB replication event generators?


James Cheng <jcheng@xxxxxxxx> writes:

> The binlog stream has all the row data, but doesn't have
> everything. It doesn't have column names, for example, or primary
> keys, or character sets. Using the binlog for replication seems to
> assume that you have a copy of the schema beforehand on the receiving
> slave. It doesn't seem possible to replicate to a slave using only the
> information in the binlogs.

It is a common request to be able to do 3rd-party replication from
mysqld. However, the replication protocol between master and slave servers
was never designed as a public API, it is based on internal data formats and
so on. So unfortunately, there does not exist currently a public API for
doing external replication, at least not that I am aware of.

The binlog stream _does_ have everything of course, eg. in the form of
CREATE TABLE statements and so on. However, being internal to the server,
they are not very easy to use by an external replication mechanism.

 - Kristian.