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Re: GSoC Progress Report [MDEV-5199]


Hi, Blessing!

On Jun 15, Blessing Atie wrote:
> This past week I have studied the sequence engine to understand how it
> generates tables on the fly. I also  looked at how table functions
> work in other databases.
> I am currently working on how to implement the simplest table function
> from our new plugin API(Still to be completed) and which will do
> exacly what the sequence engine does but this time in a function call
> like in <select * from udf_seq(1,10)>.
> Exams are fast approaching in my University. I will acceletrate work as
> soon as I finish my Exams which will run from 22nd May to 6th June and
> after which I will be available to the fullest capacity to put enough time
> on my Work. In the mean while for this week I plan on completing our plugin
> declaration structure and also look for other candidate functions that can
> be implemented.

Sounds good.

It worries me a little that you working silently, completely on your
own. You don't show up on irc, you don't ask questions, you don't show
the code.

Could you please start pushing what you're doing to github?
Even intermediate results, even if it doesn't compile - regardless?

It would be a pity if you'll work very hard and in August we'll find
that we cannot use any of that because of some small mistake that you
did in June and that all your later code depends on. It would be better
for me to look continuously and what you're doing to be able to help you