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Re: MDEV-3929 Add system variable explicit_defaults_for_timestamp for compatibility with MySQL


Hi, Alexander!

On Jul 20, Alexander Barkov wrote:
> >> In addition to the original MySQL changes in mtr, I also added
> >> two tests that describe specific behavior:
> >> sys_vars.explicit_defaults_for_timestamp_off
> >> sys_vars.explicit_defaults_for_timestamp_on
> >
> > If they're functional tests, their file names typically end with _func.
> > Although it's not that important now, when all_vars tests is disabled.
> Should I rename them to:
> sys_vars.explicit_defaults_for_timestamp_func_off
> sys_vars.explicit_defaults_for_timestamp_func_on
> or
> sys_vars.explicit_defaults_for_timestamp_off_func
> sys_vars.explicit_defaults_for_timestamp_on_func
> ?

If you'd prefer to rename - please check how other functional sys_vars
tests are named.

But I suspect the distinction between basic and functional tests will
start to disappear now, as we no longer create obligatory basic tests
for every new variable. So, it's ok not to rename.

> Okey to push after rename?

No, sorry, I haven't checked the patch yet, I only replied to this your