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Re: MDEV-7502 Provisioning of slave - review


On Mon, Aug 17, 2015 at 10:23 AM, Kristian Nielsen
<knielsen@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Martin Kaluznik <martin.kaluznik@xxxxxxxxx> writes:
>> Earlier you mentioned, that you are able to get my code on build
>> server to try compile and test runs on various platforms, it would be
> Ok. I have added you as a developer on https://github.com/MariaDB/server.
> The way it works is that you push your changes to that repository in a
> branch that starts with "bb-", eg. "bb-10.1-f4rnham". Then Buildbot will
> pick up your changes and start building (can take some hours or even a day
> or two in busy periods). Your builds will appear then on this page:
>   https://buildbot.askmonty.org/buildbot/grid?branch=bb-10.1-f4rnham
> (Please be careful about not accidentally pushing to main branches (or any
> other branches) in the main repository until we've completed the review
> process.)
> Then when the builds are done, you can use the web interface to check for
> any failures on special platforms or test configuration, and fix them as
> appropriate.

With Sergei's instructions, I have configured my fork to work with
buildbot, I will continue pushing there, just to another branch

> Meanwhile, I will read through all of your patch, and get back to you with
> comments.
>> dbug.c,my_dbug.h
>>     When line like SET GLOBAL debug_dbug="+d,flag"; is executed in
>> test case, it acquires THR_LOCK_dbug, but when it is tested for
>> (DBUG_EXECUTE_IF) no lock is used - and it causes data races in
>> replication threads
> Hm. The way it usually works is that the test cases SET GLOBAL debug_dbug
> while the slave threads are stopped. That way there should be no races?
> You might be right that there is a need for a lock, but I would prefer if
> that was made as a separate change from MDEV-7502, if possible.
> But it can be tricky to properly control the slave threads for testing, I
> will keep this point in mind when I check your test cases, and see if I can
> come up with concrete suggestions where needed.

I have created all macros just for it to be consistent, that addition
doesn't affect any existing code.
For provisioning I need only DBUG_EXECUTE_IF_LOCKED for one flag
(provisioning_wait). It is set before masters dump thread starts, but
I need to remove it when the thread is running for provisioning to
finish successfully.