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Re: Fixing Some Trivial Bugs


Hi, Alangi!

On Aug 21, Alangi Derick wrote:
> Hi,
> I just found some trivial bugs on jira that i will be fixing for
> the time being. Once i am done with each one, i will submit a patch or
> push to my forked repo so it can be merged.

Sounds good

> My question is, after i fix the bugs, will they accepted, if yes i
> should continue working on them thanks. I need a respond from the
> development team.

They *might* be accepted, depends on the patch. But keen in mind,
1. always mention the MDEV jira issue when discussing a bug on the
   mailing list
2. attach patches to the corresponding MDEV
3. Don't be disappointed if there's no immediate reaction on your patch.
   Generally we prefer to fix bugs for the next release, not for more
   distant releases. So if the next release is 5.5 and your patch is for
   10.0, nobody will look at your patch until 10.0 is the next release.
   The release schedule is also in jira.


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