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Re: Fixing Some Trivial Bugs


> They *might* be accepted, depends on the patch. But keen in mind,
> please:
> 1. always mention the MDEV jira issue when discussing a bug on the
>    mailing list
I understand this part.
> 2. attach patches to the corresponding MDEV
This part is also clear.
> 3. Don't be disappointed if there's no immediate reaction on your patch.
>    Generally we prefer to fix bugs for the next release, not for more
>    distant releases. So if the next release is 5.5 and your patch is for
>    10.0, nobody will look at your patch until 10.0 is the next release.
>    The release schedule is also in jira.
A link will really help here. I will like to see the schedules.
> Regards,
> Sergei

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