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Re: Super Read Only in MariaDB (10.1) ?


Hi, Jean-François!

On Jul 20, Jean-François Gagné wrote:
> Hi,
> a super_read_only option is making its way in MySQL 5.7:
>   * http://www.tocker.ca/2015/07/09/mysql-5-7-8-now-featuring-super_read_only-and-disabled_storage_engines.html
>   * http://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.7/en/server-system-variables.html#sysvar_super_read_only
> Are there plans to have a similar option in MariaDB (it would be great 
> to have it in MariaDB 10.1) ?

There were no such plans so far.

I don't particularly like this super_read_only option because 1) there
are too many command line options already, adding a new option for every
slight variation of the same feature doesn't help much; and 2) read_only
and super_read_only aren't independent, not all four combinations of
values make sense, and they interact in a weird way:

If I'd have a choice, I'd prefer something like --read-only=MODE.  And
MODE can used to allow slave thread and super (old read_only), only
slave thread (super_read_only), or, may be, in the future, not even
slave thread, disable analyze/optimize, or whatever else one might want
to have there.