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Re: [Commits] 5f461a9: MDEV-7640: CHANGE MASTER TO doesn't work with prepared statements


nirbhay@xxxxxxxxxxx (Nirbhay Choubey) writes:

> revision-id: 5f461a94a5aa2e1a20fa559ca612d96b53201e4e
> parent(s): 29ac245dd04c5416d57a90b0ab3c4d08cbc4d723
> committer: Nirbhay Choubey
> branch nick: 5.5
> timestamp: 2015-09-16 18:10:06 -0400
> message:
> MDEV-7640: CHANGE MASTER TO doesn't work with prepared statements
> When CHANGE MASTER was executed as a PS, its attributes were wrongly
> getting reset toward the end of PREPARE. As a result, the subsequent
> executions had no effect. Fixed by making sure that the CHANGE MASTER
> attributes are preserved during the lifetime of the PS.

Hm, this MDEV seems now assigned to me, but I did not see any mail from you
about it? Did you expect a review?

But in any case, this code around prepare/execute is not something I am
familiar with. I seem to recall that Sanja worked on several issues related
to incorrect prepare/execute, maybe he can have some ideas or suggest a

Apparently this is something that used to work but started to break
sometimes in 5.5. Do you know how the problem was introduced?

 - Kristian (sadder by the hour over devs not using the mailing list).

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