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Re: Python Storage Engine


Hi, Kim!

On Oct 02, Kim Ebert wrote:
> Greetings All,
> I wanted to share the beginnings of a project.
> This is a Python Storage Engine. The idea is to plumb in the necessary C
> to Python calls to allow a storage engine to be written in Python
> instead of C or C++. This may be valuable to those who want to prototype

That would be very cool!
If you have any questions about the storage engine API - don't hesitate to ask!

> a database engine in Python, or if the performance is sufficient for the
> use case, for production. I haven't taken things to far yet, but I think
> it gives a rough idea of how to move forward with adding the other calls.
> In my particular case I'm using it to prototype connecting to a search
> API, like Solr, to provide an SQL like interface.
> I did have a quick question. I want to license it as a more permissive
> license, but since I'm using the example engine, does that mean that I
> need to use the GPL license? Or can I go with the more permissive
> MIT-new license?
> https://github.com/perfectsearch/mariadb-plugin-python-engine

MariaDB is GPLv2, so you should use a GPLv2 compatible license.
MIT license seems to be compatible with GPLv2, but IANAL.


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