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Re: any plans to bump soname for libmysqlclient.so?


Hi, Honza!

On Nov 03, Honza Horak wrote:
> Hi, mysql 5.7 bumped soname of the libmysqlclient.so. Are there any 
> plans to do something like that in mariadb's libmysqlclient.so?
> I'm also wondering whether there are any particular plans to keep
> compatibility of the client library (libmysqlclient.so) between
> MariaDB and MySQL in the future.

Sorry for the late answer. There is no decision at this point yet (I
tried!), but I still wanted you to have something.

Surely, no plans to bump the soname of libmysqlclient.so. None whatsoever,
this was never discussed, not even mentioned in passing once.

There are plans to switch completely to our LGPL client library - it's
in active development, libmysqlclient.so is not. New features are added
only to libmariadb.so.  But there is no decision yet.

Chief Architect MariaDB
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