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Re: [Commits] a1ab431: MDEV-7261 - Backport the default autosized value of


Hi, Sergey!

On Nov 23, Sergey Vojtovich wrote:
> > > 
> > > So I didn't break it, it was broken even prior to this patch. In
> > > 5.7 all these options are marked EARLY and are autosized before
> > > PFS autosizing.
> > 
> > That's what I was getting at, yes :)
> > 
> > Perhaps you fix should've been to move table_definition_cache to
> > "early options" instead of moving autosizing after normal options
> > are initialized. At least, that's the only fix that I see, because
> > you cannot auto-size P_S variables late.
> It was moved because table_definition_cache depends on
> table_open_cache and they further depend on max_connections and
> open_files_limit. So I'll have to move all of the above to "early
> options".
> It shouldn't be that complex, but it's a bit out of the scope of this
> particular bug. And I initially attempted to keep it simple.

I'm all for keeping it simple. But it's "as simple as possible, but not
simpler than that" :)

Could there be any other fix for P_S autosizing besides moving all its
dependencies to early options?


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