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Re: Gsoc 2016 Mdev 371 Unique index for blob


Hi, Sachin!

First: please send questions like this to maria-developers@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
it's a public mailing list dedicated to MySQL and MariaDB internals, source
code, and related things. I am subscribed, so I'll see you mail there, and you
may be sure I will, because it won't be accidentally catched by my spam filter,
or sorted out in some obscure folder. Furthermore other subscribers will see
your question and could reply if I will be not available (e.g. I could be
Thank you.

On Mar 14, Sachin Setia wrote:
> Thank you sir for your reply but my question is what this pack flag will do
> and basically what is pack record will you please suggest source file in
> which i can look into to get more understanding of pack length ,pack flag
> and pack record

There isn't much I can answer - your question is too generic.
"pack_flag" is a set of flags that is stored per field in the frm file
and it describes some aspects of the field.

Search for "pack_flag" in the source tree. If you ask a specific
question, I'll be able to provide a more detailed answer.

Chief Architect MariaDB
and security@xxxxxxxxxxx