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Re: Getting restarted with mariadb and a port to AIX


Hi, Michael!

On Mar 28, Michael Felt wrote:
> Hi all,
> This week I added a few issues that I felt were clear enough to report 
> directly.

Yes, thanks!

> This one I am not so sure of as it concerns two areas I know 
> too little about:
> a) cmake (how to get an equivalent of GNU autotools ./configure --help)

cmake -L      -- list all options
cmake -LH     -- list options and their help texts
cmake -LAH    -- same as the previous one, but includes advanced options
ccmake .      -- ncurses UI to cmake (lists options and help too)

(all these commands show something useful when cmake was run at least
once, so run "cmake ." first)

> b) cmake (how to make it show the commands it is actually running (so I 
> could add -bnoquiet and/or -bloadmap:XXX.map)

make VERBOSE=1

> c) 'strategic' grepping through C++ sources to find where an undefined 
> label is calling something.
> After I 'patch' aka bandaid mariadb- 
> (see https://jira.mariadb.org/browse/MDEV-9814) I get loader errors - 
> and I cannot, in ways I could with an autotools generated 'make' see how 
> to debug.
> Q) are there variables (e.g., V=1) I can pass to make so that the 
> commands it performs are more verbose
> Q) have any ideas why these symbols are undefined?

what symbols are undefined?

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